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How to remove the faucet aerator?

Remove the faucet aerator
Remove the faucet aerator

Strongco Trading Company LTD offers the special Microbubble Generator which applies to common households’ faucets.
Here are the common faucet aerator types, and some tips to show you how to remove the existing aerator before installing Microbubble Generator.

If your faucet aerator is Hidden Aerator, please use Aerator Key to remove it.

If your faucet aerator is without Tightening Grooves, please use Pliers to unscrew it.

If your faucet aerator has Tightening Grooves, please use an Adjustable Wrench to unscrew it.

If your faucet aerator has a Coin Slot, please use Coin to disassemble it.

If you do not have any removal tools, try to wrap a few rubber bands around the aerator housing to improve your grip. Then it can be unscrewed by hand or loosened by pliers.

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